Hardware & locks market warms up, Brand name strategy helps diversification of industry

In recent years, with the booming development of China's hardware market, the lock market has also taken a turn for the better. The total capacity of the lock market has now reached 70 billion set, while Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai, and Shandong are the main focus of lock manufacturers. The lock market is becoming more and more characteristic. The characteristics referred to here are the development model of industrial clusters. There are a large number of lock-making enterprises in the cluster and the comprehensive output of the enterprises is large. The cluster lock market has a strong growth momentum, high sales, a high proportion of export growth, and imports. The speed is also growing, and the international market share of high-end locks industry is also increasing. 

At present, the annual sales of locks in the country can reach as many as 2.2 billion pieces, and the market demand for fingerprint locks can reach 5 million pieces per year, for example, for corporate finance, military police stations, and office life. At the same time, the demand in the civilian market is also growing. Whether it is traditional mechanical locks, or modern electronic locks, and even the current access locks in high-rise buildings, the entire Chinese lock industry is developing irresistibly. The improvement of the production and consumption of locks in China is a fact that is obvious to all. The domestic lock industry has annual sales of more than 400 billion yuan, and the production capacity exceeds 2 billion sets. The annual export volume exceeds 10 billion yuan. 

It is reported that in the future China's lock market will continue to grow at a rate of more than 20% per year. With this strong trend continuing, the future of the lock market is inconceivable. The variety of locks and the richness of the market highlight the necessity of the development of the lock market. Creating a labor-intensive and characteristic industry with high thresholds, high specialization, and high-end locks is the only way for China's lock industry in the future. 

With the warming of real estate and the acceleration of urban processes, consumer demand in the decorative hardware market has been greatly stimulated. Although a small decoration hardware is inconspicuous, but the product function style is more and more optimized and refined, the variety of species, style contests. 

The locks and hardware are getting more and more styles, many look more like a flower or a small animal, but its function is a lock. In the market, the more popular civilian locks are mainly mortise lock, electronic combination lock. The other trend that is most used in the inner door is the channel and the auxiliary lock (the most important feature of the anti-theft function). The author learned from the market that the currently available locks are mainly brass, stainless steel, and zinc alloy.


Development of locks in the future


    Develop high-end locks


    The market outlook for high-grade locks is optimistic. Because high-end locks have high technical content and are more humanized and personalized, the profits of products are also relatively high. Should increase investment in high-tech locks and promote the structural upgrading of China's lock industry.


     Implement brand-name strategy


    The well-known enterprises and brands in the lock industry can produce tremendous economic and social benefits. Nowadays, China's locks face more severe challenges. Competition has prompted companies to respond positively, and has enabled China to move from a big country to a powerful country.


     Implement diversification development


    Locks companies must accurately position themselves and the market and implement multiple developments. In the field of own,we design locks that cater to the public and have individual needs, avoiding the fierce competition brought about by similar normal locks. In addition, companies must take the road of a diversified market and avoid being affected by a certain factor and affecting the fundamental development of the company.

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